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mandy froehlich

Wholistic Mind-Body Instructor and Coach

Feel Great In Your Body

Stop trying random programs.

End the cycle.


Yearning to feel better physically and mentally,  yet haven't been able to connect the dots to make it work.

You know it can happen but need help getting into a new rhythm. 

Find peace in your body and mind.

Overwhelmed trying to do it all,

body feeling cruddy more often than not,

forfeiting time on this earth not enjoying life to your full potential.

Let's stop that pattern and start a new one.

lay it out

step one.

We can't know where we are headed without first knowing where we are. 

Set up your session now.

How it works.

start practicing

step two.

The best way to learn is to start practicing. We will do this in a variety of different ways based on your unique situation. You will be empowered to take the next step.


step three.

Education is a major piece of this process. Helping you to learn what works and what doesn't work while holding space for who you are is the name of this game. Honesty and curiosity are the role players. 

Let's start a new life rhythm.

I'm Mandy. I am a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, seasoned personal trainer, Pilates instructor, nutrition coach, and overall curious wellness seeker. 20 years ago my journey to understand the science of fitness was born with a master's degree in exercise physiology. Through working with thousands of clients over 2 decades, I've come to understand feeling great in our body requires an assortment of tools, angles and strategies.

I am your partner.

The path to better wellness lies within understanding what we need to put the brakes on and what needs more gas. It all begins with awareness. If we are not aware, we cannot change.

Being strong physically is wonderful but if we are living a face-paced anxious life full of stress, adding more of the same via intense exercise just exacerbates the problem. Not only do I see the importance for training our body physically, there is a huge need train to increase mental  fitness in order to improve nervous system health. 

Just like training muscle to be strong and flexible, our brain also needs training to be calm, focused, patient, aware and peaceful.  This all takes practice and what you will find is a creatively crafted, non-threatening, science-based format to improve your nervous system through breathwork, movement and stillness.

I promote an all-encompassing program where consistency over perfection is the goal. My clients also find they finally learn how to eat for their unique body and it ultimately makes sense. We find your unique rhythm! 

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Mandy Froehlich

MS, PNL1, 200-RYT



I teach several classes each week at 

The Practice


IA mind-body Studio in Liberty, MO


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